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Discover the Flora series - lighting for growing plants


  • Increasing the profitability of crops due to a significant reduction in energy consumption compared to the exposure to sodium lamps.
  • Adjusting lighting to the needs of plants improves the photosynthesis effect, and thus their growth rate, quality and size.
  • Very long life of the light source reduces the costs of maintaining and servicing the lighting installation.


  • complementary lighting for greenhouse crops
  • photoperiod lighting extending the natural length of the day
  • crop lighting without light

The best solution for commercial cannabis cultivation and a full-range full-range solution for home hobbyists cultivating without CO2 supplementation at ambient conditions of about 400 ppm.

At a peak UV wavelength of 400 nm, it provides favorable photomorphogenic reactions showing an increase in THC content in cannabis plants.

The lamp has been designed for large commercial operations, requiring solid and durable lighting solutions that can be quickly installed in almost any room.

Flora 600 – 1200 GBP

Flora 800 -1700 GBP

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Good to know


The growth of plants, their buds and flowering depends largely on the light that falls on them. Light radiation induces different effects in length from the emitted light, its intensity, plant species, as well as the stadium of its development. Light at wavelength in the 380-520 nm range is most absorbed by chlorophylls and b and plants, and the length of 610-750 nm is absorbed by the phytochromes Pr or Pfr. For example, a wavelength of about 730 nm that stimulates plants to grow upwards, light at 660 nm, an increase in vegetative power and rooting in the seedling period.

LEDs generate high-power radiation, making them more energy-efficient. LEDs produce less heat than HPS lamps, so they can be displayed in plant side or bottom lighting mode. Our solutions in the field of a wide range of products, through the selection of appropriate LED diodes.

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We strive to be a pioneer of innovation and evolution of the lighting industry. Our business is divided into three business groups: Street lighting, Plant lighting and Dedicated solutions. Using solutions in the field of the Internet of Things.

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